LifeStone Tops Standard Stone Overlay Range

The LiteStone Tops Standard Stone Overlay Range Designs brings together a range of timeless classic designs with an array of colours from stunning whites to beautifully blended neutral colours and tones.

Stone benchtop Clamshell White
stone overlay

Clamshell White

stone overlay Polaris
stone overlay

Shinny White

lifestone tops

Clamshell Grey

perth benchtop jasmine
engineered stone overlay

Quartz White

stone overlay
kitchen benchtop

Starlight White

Nut White Stone Overlay.jpeg
granite transformations

Nuts White

Starlight Grey Stone Overlay
granite overlay

Starlight Grey

Absolute White Stone Overlay
granite transformations

Absolute White

Starlight Black.jpg
stone overlay

Starlight Black

LifeStone Tops Premium & Marble Stone Overlay Range

The LiteStone Tops Marble Stone Overlay Range Designs brings a timeless classic carrara and a modern cloudy design with beautifully blended neutral colours and tones.

Carrara Crystal Stone Overlay

Crystal Carrara

Aspen mist Stone Overlay

Aspen Mist

Polished con0001.jpg

Ploished Concrete

LifeStone Tops Calacatta Marble Overlay Range

The LiteStone Tops Calacatta Marble Stone Overlay Range Designs is a rare natural stone that comes with rich textures and gorgeous veins.

Calacatta Stone Overlay

Calacatta Bianco